UI/UX Designer & Front-end Developer

Mark Uraine

I'm based in Southern California, but was reared in the mountains of Oregon, so I've got stories to tell. With almost all 50 states, and over 17 countries under my belt, my variety of experience keeps me fresh. I've been making mistakes since 1976 and find it's still the best way to reach new ground.

"I like to think about design because design is about thinking." ~ Mark Uraine

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Designer at Automattic

I'm a designer at Automattic striving to be an impactful contributor to Core and a frequent problem solver on WordPress.org. I'll never stop learning and I work on things unassigned to me - because I care. I design. I communicate. I get things done.


A selection of projects throughout the years

Artist Statement

Philosophy, word-play, and alliteration regarding design

We are the people hue shape the values of the primary population. Our perspective harmonizes balance with rhythm to form positive spaces that complement a collage of colorful layouts. When still life tints to a vanish point, we overlap another textured layer to emphasize a movement, an idea, a carefully constructed conundrum created to cause reaction. We design.

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