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Mark Uraine


I’m based in Southern California but was reared in the mountains of Oregon, so I’ve got stories to tell. I enjoy cultural idioms, language, and the differences between eastern and western thought. I’ve been making mistakes since 1976 and find it’s still the best way to reach new ground.

In an effort to learn more about myself, I took a test from the Gallup Strengths Center, and found my top 5 strengths include:

CONTEXT (understanding the present by researching the past)
STRATEGIC (quickly spot relevant patterns and issues)
BELIEF (enduring core values)
RELATOR (building close relationships)
LEARNER (never stop learning).


Designer at Automattic


As a creative technologist I’m dedicated to making the web more accessible, and human-friendly by facilitating the transfer of information. I’m a designer at Automattic striving to be an impactful contributor to open source. I design. I communicate. I get things done (preferably in automated ways while experimenting with new technology).



A few of my favorite things


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