Shopmonkey Design SystemDesign Lead
Shopmonkey Web AppDesign Manager
Shopmonkey Playing CardsDesign Lead
AutoPilot Automated Messages1 of 6 Patented InventorsUtility Patent
Events (map)
Family RetreatYosemite and Mammoth Lakes, CA
Figma ConfigOnlineAttendee
Family CampingCarlsbad, CA
Family TripSilverton, OR
Shopmonkey Company-wide OffsiteHuntington Beach, CA
DesignOps Island Discs LiveOnlineAttendee
Design Systems Essentials Webinar – Contribution ProcessOnlineAttendee
Figma SchemaOnlineAttendee
Shopmonkey Division OffsiteOrlando, FL
ShopmonkeyPromoted to Product Design ManagerGrowth
Forbes: 4th Best Startup in America
#1 startup in Business Products and Software Services
Contributed as a leader at ShopmonkeyLeadership
ADPList.orgDesign Mentor (36 sessions)Leadership
Molokan Elementary SchoolBoard MemberCommunity growth
College-age Bible ClassTeacherCommunity growth
Riso-Hudson Enneagram Type IndicatorType 1, The Reformer
Type 8, The Challenger
The Origins of Molokan Services and TraditionsBookPublished
Echos Design Leadership E-bookInterviewed and Featured in BookLeadership
Mistborn: The Well of AscensionBrandon SandersonFebruary 2022
To Be Taught If FortunateBecky ChambersMay 2022
The Institutes of Biblical Law – Vol 1Rousas John RushdoonyAugust 2022
Inconvenient FactsGregory WrightstoneOctober 2022
History of the Jews in Russia and PolandS.M. DubnowNovember 2022
The DispossessedUrsula Le GuinDecember 2022