Monostack is a Gutenberg-ready WordPress theme that brings the beauty of code editors to the frontend. With a strong focus on typography and color, Monostack highlights specific grammar much like syntax highlighting does in code editors. Monostack is named after the “monospace” font stacks used throughout the theme.

ProjectTheme for WordPress
ServicesDesign & Development

The font stack is where it’s at. I spent a lot of time thinking it through to bring the best quality monospace typefaces to your screen.

body {
     font-family: "Space Mono", "Noto Mono", "Oxygen Mono", Courier,

And just to throw more into the loop, I worked the pre and code a bit as well.

pre, code {
     font-family: Consolas, "Noto Mono", "Oxygen Mono",
     Courier, monospace;

Monostack uses syntax highlighting to pop certain grammar from the English language.

  • Blue words are conjunctions
  • Pink words are prepositions
  • Green words are pronouns

It’s the first public theme for WordPress that I’ve ever designed and developed. Like most of my software, Monostack is open source under the GPLv2 license.