Muriel in VR

  • Client
    • Personal Project
  • Services
    • Mozilla A-frame WebVR, JS
  • Year
    • 2018
  • Link

While doing some reading about Muriel Cooper, I thought I’d put some of the lessons learned from her into practice. As I mentioned in my blog post, Muriel’s efforts to break from the two dimensional screen and into 3D inspired a bit of experimentation. In this project, I learned a bit about WebVR using Mozilla’s A-frame and the WordPress API.

I started by simply connecting to a post I wrote about Muriel using JQuery and the WordPress API. Once I was able to pull the content, I began creating the VR structure using the syntax that A-frame provides. This meant that I had to include A-frame’s javascript file as well.

I then looped through the content and broke out each paragraph into a new array based on line-breaks. This gave me the ability to position each paragraph anywhere I wanted in the VR world. Because I wasn’t yet familiar with navigating and moving around in VR, I thought I’d just map out the post in 360 degrees around the viewer. I was hoping this might create a virtual story wherein one could move through and read. Displaying the images from the post proved to be a bit more difficult, and I ran into all sorts of problems with video, but I imagine I’ll get there eventually.

I’d like to make this more interactive at some point. A story wherein people can interact and move about exploring various media and text within the VR world.