Ten Commandments

An infographic journal to convey the structure, patterns, and relationships found within the Ten Commandments of the Bible.

ProjectTen Commandments
Infographic Journal


Most of us are aware of the Ten Commandments, and can probably list a few of them. But there is more depth that can be discovered if one only dug deeper. The Torah is often viewed as a list of rules restricting one from living life rather than enabling one to live life to its fullest. This, unfortunately, impacts our commitment to adhering to YHVH’s teachings. As we exclude the instructions of God from life, the Ten Commandments easily follow leaving a strained ability for us to clearly understand God’s will.


I began by thinking through which forms of data might be interesting to share. The obvious one being the difference between the actual physical structure and how they are commonly seen today. While surfacing further tidbits, I delved into common Jewish theology regarding the relationships between the individual commandments. An in-depth video by Rabbi David Fohrman at AlephBeta.org exposed an amazing thought-provoking horizontal and vertical connection among the Ten.

Once the information was gathered, I laid this out in Affinity’s Publisher application. I worked to bring in an Old Testament vibe by typesetting some of the text in Grenze Gotisch and Noto Sans. The project took a couple weeks to design, several years of information gathering, and weeks of getting the files just right for publishing on high quality paper.


The 16-page journal will be finalized in the very near future. It will be published on high-quality paper similar to a Magazine. The design of the information makes it fun to read over and explore repeatedly. Not only will this journal reveal many unknown tangents about the Ten Commandments, but it makes for a great conversation piece in one’s home.